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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

Therapeutic Shamanism

 Information on the advanced shamanism courses. Study all aspect of core shamanic practice, including: soul retrieval; extraction and other shamanic healing methods; shamanic meditation practices and shamanism as a spiritual practice.

The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.

Adulthood - a  shamanic initiation: how to find your authentic soul.

Six weekends, at roughly two month intervals. It is preferable to do the whole series, but weekends can be taken individually if necessary. Fully booked now!

Dates: 2017 - October 21+22, December 16+17; 2018 February 24+25, April 14+15, June 9+10, August 11+12.

Venue: Llandudno.

A course about how to become a true adult and stop acting and thinking like a child (the stuff you need to know and do, but nobody told you).

In almost all shamanic cultures the transition from childhood to adulthood is especially important and marked with powerful ceremonies. In many cultures people a person is regarded as not having fully become their true human self until this has happened. Undertaken in adolescence, these ceremonies would involve the letting go and ‘death’ of the childhood self, a powerful transformation, and initiation into adulthood including knowledge about how to actually be an adult, and what being an adult human means. It is both an inner and an outer transformation. The ceremonies and initiation would be led by adults and elders who had been through the process themselves, and were living as true adults.

In our modern culture we have almost entirely lost any such transformative initiations on a meaningful level. As adolescent we still feel the urge for this transition though. So we try and let go of our childhood self and change our identity by changing our musical tastes, clothing and attitudes. Usually this transition lacks much meaningful guidance or help from adults and elders and instead is usually peer-led; the blind leading the blind. We may be lucky enough to find a few adults who can at least be supportive. We may even be unusually luck enough to find adults who are true adults themselves and know how to not just be supportive but how to truly help us. But usually the vast majority of what we receive at this time from adults and society at large is at odds with the transition we are trying to make into becoming who we really are and were born to be, a wild and free adult human; an animal (I mean that in a really good way), with a rightful place on the earth; a hunter and a gatherer. Instead what we encounter is an attempt to domesticate us and make us conform still further, with enforcement of school uniforms, preparation for exams, homework and so on. No wonder we rebel. Or try to. Or maybe the cost of even trying is too much by this stage.

The result is that most people in our modern world are not really adults at all, but children in adult bodies. What looks like adulthood is merely domestication, not the authentic adult human we were meant to be. True adults are rare, and so there is hardly anyone around to teach us how to be adult. We stumble around without maps, guides, useful role-models or knowledge. Consequently, becoming an adult in this culture, if it occurs at all, is usually a long and hard-won process. My own was hard-won. It took me decades to piece together.

This course is the stuff that I have learnt both in my personal journey to try and ‘grow up’ and what I have learnt in my thirty years of being a therapist and working with other people. It is a series of useful models, practical tools, exercises, insights and knowledge. Some are small gems, and others are huge. They cover things ranging from: how to find your true self and begin the process of becoming it; what an actual adult looks like, and how they act, think and feel; how to disentangle from, deconstruct and reconstruct the middle-world self; how to spot childhood thinking, delusions, wonky thoughts, and other thought traps, and facing the truth; finding and maintaining clear boundaries; assertion and healthy use of power; what healthy relationships are (and what they definitely are not; seeing others clearly, and spotting the difference between projection, transference, and unacceptable behaviour; being responsible, and knowing what you are responsible for and what you are not; how to live as an adult and maintain adulthood in this society; and much more besides.

It will be at times tough, fun, joyous, painful, scary, heart-warming, fascinating and eye-opening. But above all else, it will be worth it! Your adult self is waiting for you, like a seed ready to be planted and given the chance to grow and blossom. The world itself is waiting…

‘The world cannot be full until you become fully yourself’  - Bill Plotkin in ‘Soulcraft’.


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