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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

Therapeutic Shamanism

The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.  

Are you a homeopath, or someone with an interest in homeopathy? The Shamanic Homeopathy Project brings homeopathy alive by using shamanic practices.

Shamanic Provings

The aim is to bring homeopathy alive by combining the ancient spiritual practices of shamanism with modern homeopathic understanding. Join the Shamanic Homeopathy Project and:-

• be involved in the development of an entirely new set of ground-breaking remedies

• discover an approach that is both highly systematic and highly intuitive (bringing left brain and right brain approaches together)

• learn how to literally communicate with remedies; experiencing remedies as living intelligences

• bring homeopathy alive in a vivid and experiential way

• re-ignite your spiritual life, by profoundly reconnecting to the world around you as a living intelligence

Shamanic Homeopathy.The Shamanic Homeopathy Project will start as a training course mainly for homeopaths, but also for anyone with an interest in homeopathy. On the course, we will draw on the logical (left brain) knowledge from homeopathy. In particular we will explore what is known of the kingdoms in homeopathy. We will then use shamanic practices to develop our intuitive side (right brain) to take this information and bring it alive. Our starting point will be to connect back to Gaia, the Earth as a living intelligence. From there we will use shamanic journeying, meditation, and many other tools, to literally experience each of the three kingdoms (animal, plant and mineral) as living intelligences. In doing this we will also make the three archetypal remedies, Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom and Mineral Kingdom. Over the course we will then set off exploring and experiencing the kingdoms in turn, making remedies along the way, and doing shamanic and meditative provings. For example we will experience and make remedies such as: Insect, Fish, Mollusc, Amphibian, Reptile, Bird and Mammal. Or in the Plant Kingdom we may work with and make: Tree, Grasses, Moss, Flowering Plant. We may then explore further branches, for example in the Plant Kingdom doing Solanaceae, Cactaceae, and Conifers. In the Mineral Kingdom we may make Halogens (Column 17), or Noble Gasses (Column 18). If you want more details as to how all this works, I have written an accompanying article called Shamanic Homeopathy: bringing homeopathy to life.

More than just a course however, the Shamanic Homeopathy Project will be a new initiative in homeopathy. As the new remedies are developed, these will be published, first online, then eventually as a book. A repertory will be built up alongside this. The weekends of the course are spaced out two or three months apart, allowing for people who wish to help to be involve in the collating process, and also to feed back clinical experiences. The course will be just the beginning of an ongoing project. The aim will be:-

• to reconnect with all remedies as living intelligences with their own Spirit and wisdom

• to map out all of the kingdoms and realms, and their branches

• to develop shamanic proving methodologies

• to develop new remedies from the archetypal components of the realms

• to present this information in a clear and easy to use form

• to bring homeopathy alive

As well as bringing energy and new dimensions to your professional life as a homeopath, the course will be potentially life-affirming and life-changing on a personal level too. Shamanism is about having a direct, personal experience of spirituality, and a deep sense of connectedness with all things. In modern life, most people have lost that seance of connection. The shamanic work on the course will focus on the process of re-connecting to not only the spiritual aliveness of the remedies we use, but of the living world around us.

Practical Details

Entry requirements...

• Homeopathy: the course is designed primarily for homeopaths or students of homeopathy. It is also open to any one else who is keen to be involved and who has at least a basic understanding of the principles and practice of homeopathy (if this applies to you, then please do talk to me).

• Shamanism: prior experience in shamanism is preferable but not necessary, as training in shamanism is included in the course.

Dates. The course is six weekend course, spaced out over 15 months. The 2011 t0 2012 dates are...

• February 26+27 2011

• April 16+17 2011

• July 16+17 2011

• October 15+16 2011

• January 7+8 2012

• March 24+25 2012

Venue. Lancaster, as this is central for people coming both from the south and from Scotland. Lancaster has excellent transport links by motorway and by rail. It is only around two and a half hours by train from both London and Edinburgh.

Costs. I try to keep my courses as affordable as possible. So the cost is only £630 for the six weekends. To book, the deposit for the course is £120, balance of £510 can be spread over the 6 weekends as 6 payments of £85 each.* Further reduction: if you have already experience in shamanism to at least the level of having done an introductory day or weekend with myself or another shamanic teacher, then some of the first day of the first weekend will be revision to you (revision, but still useful I hope!). To compensate for this though, you can have a further £30 of the balance due, making your balancing payment only £480, or £80 per weekend if paid in instalments.* To book you can either...

• send a cheque made out to Paul Francis, address: 24 Primrose Street, Lancaster, LA1 3BN. Or...

• pay via Paypal here

Further Information

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss anything about the course then please do not hesitate to contact me

For information on the Shamanic Provings, click here.


*Please note, as is usual in these things, deposits are non refundable (so please do not ask otherwise!). Also, the balance is essentially due on the start date of the first weekend. That is your commitment to pay. Paying by instalments is a favour, to make it easier for you; if you drop out of the course, the balance you owe is still due.