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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

Therapeutic Shamanism

 Detailed information on shamanism courses. Study all aspect of core shamanic practice, including: soul retrieval; extraction and other shamanic healing methods; shamanic meditation practices and shamanism as a spiritual practice.

The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.

Hunting and Gathering in the Modern World: shamanism, wealth and right-living.

In two parts (although the weekends can also be taken individually).

Dates: This course will be repeated, details to follow.

Venue: to be confirmed.

Shamanism is a highly practical form of spirituality. One of its practical applications in hunter-gatherer tribes was to help with successful hunting and gathering. Since we are children of Mother Earth, we have our place on the earth and so the Earth wants us to have the things we need to survive and thrive, and will help if asked. The modern equivalent of hunting and gathering usually involves getting the money we need to live in today's world, and we can ask for help with that too. Over the course weekends we will look at how shamanism can help us get what we need to live in today's day and age.

The key word here though is ‘need’ not ‘want’. Ancient people knew only to take what they needed, and leave the rest; they were ‘leaver’ cultures, who lived in balance with the environment. We have become a ‘taker’ culture, taking more than we need, to the detriment of the environment and often to the detriment of other people. The Earth will not help or support us in this. Over the weekends we will explore how we can come to live in a more balanced way with our relationship to money, and explore the idea of ‘right living’ and ethical work.

Over the weekends we will also explore our beliefs about money and wealth, including inner drivers or sabotaging thoughts. This may include looking at family scripts about things like work, poverty and abundance, and exploring shamanic ways of changing them if necessary. We will explore the difference between our money paths and our soul paths.

The weekends will include journeying in all three shamanic realms - lower, upper and middle - giving you a good sense of their differences and relevancies, and how and why to journey to each of them. The course will include exploring how to work with particular helper spirits, including certain Stone People (crystals), and both upperworld and lowerworld helpers. It will also include how to work shamanically with ancestral patterns and thought-forms. It will cover shamanic ethics, and their implications for society. Most importantly, it will include ways to discover what your soul path is, and what the Earth wants you to be, and how to live with gratitude.


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