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Therapeutic Shamanism

 Detailed information on shamanism courses. Study all aspect of core shamanic practice, including: soul retrieval; extraction and other shamanic healing methods; shamanic meditation practices and shamanism as a spiritual practice.

The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.

Soul Retrieval: Soul Loss, and how it can be healed with shamanic soul retrieval

In three parts, although the weekends can also be taken individually.

Dates: Will be running again sometime.

Venue: Llandudno.

Soul loss occurs when part of us splits of. This may be the result of traumatic events, but may also occur simply because we learn to hide away part of who we truly are in order to fit in; eventually this part becomes lost to us. The symptoms of soul loss can include: depression, fatigue, feelings of emptiness, low self-esteem, addictions and illness. Soul retrieval is the shamanic practice of finding someone’s lost soul parts, bringing them back, and helping the person to re-integrate them. (You can read more about soul loss and soul retrieval on this website here, or click on the link to the article below).

Over the course weekends will explore several different ways of doing soul retrievals. In the process we will work on reconnecting to our own lost soul parts, as well as learning the beautiful, moving and empowering work of helping others recover theirs. We then go further than traditional shamanic soul retrieval and look ways of working with re-integrating the returned soul parts, to ensure that they are happy to stay. We also explore how to work with more ‘difficult’ soul loss experiences such as: ‘soul theft’ and other entanglements; what to do when the soul part is in the Land of the Dead; inherited (ancestral) soul loss.

Article on Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval.


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“These courses thoroughly explained the meaning of soul loss and the implications of this in a complex modern environment. In a short space of time I developed the necessary skills to journey to retrieve my own soul parts, and to access essential healing. I also developed confidence in doing soul-retrieval for others. I came away from the courses feeling empowered with the capacity to dissolve negative patterns in my life, to embrace transformation and to step forward into wholeness and strength.” L.M., Cumbria.