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To find out more about shamans, animism, shamanism training courses, workshops, books or shamanic healing email paulfran@gmail.com Or phone Paul Francis on 01492 873739. Office hours are Tuesday to Friday, 10am till 6pm (U.K. Hours). You can also join the newsletter to be kept informed about new books, courses, free articles, and other developments. You can also join the Facebook page Therapeutic.Shamanism and the Therapeutic Shamanism Discussion Group, and follow on Twitter @ShamanicUK.

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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

Therapeutic Shamanism

 Detailed information on shamanism courses. Study all aspect of core shamanic practice, including: soul retrieval; extraction and other shamanic healing methods; shamanic meditation practices and shamanism as a spiritual practice.

The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.

The Other Foundation courses

These foundation courses, although not essential, cover many highly useful aspects of shamanic practice. They include…

The Archetype series…

The Mother and Father Archetypes. Healing mother and father wounds using shamanism, and connecting to a loving Mother Earth and Father Sun.

The Lover Archetype: exploring the inner masculine and feminine with shamanism. Exploring the anima and the animus - our inner masculine and feminine, and how this shapes our choices of lovers.

More courses on the archetypes are planned, including: the Shadow, Adult, Elder and Death.

Shamanism and Healthy Boundaries. How to have healthy boundaries, in shamanic work, and in every day life!

Taming the Inner Critic with Shamanism. How to rein in the inner critic (and other problematic sub-personalities).

Death and Dying: a shamanic perspective. This course requires considerable prior experience and grounding in other foundation courses first.

Hunting and Gathering in the Modern World: shamanism, wealth and right living. How to apply shamanic hunting and gathering to the modern world, ask for shamanic help with getting the resources one needs, and live according to shamanic principles and ethics.

Exploring Symptoms. Finding out what body (and other) symptoms really are, and what to do about them.

Living Shamanically: how to live a more shamanic life in the day-to-day modern world. A course for experienced students, looking at how to integrate shamanic practice in everyday life.

Adulthood - a shamanic initiation: how to find your authentic soul.

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Return to Foundation Courses Information


Shamans say we need to learn to live with Death on our shoulder.

Shamans believe that we are a ‘composite’ being, made of different bits. Simply put, we can think of these as being: Spirit, Authentic Soul, Ego and Body. On death, different things happen to these different aspects of ourselves; each has it’s own journey to make. We will look at how we may prepare for this (inevitable) event in our own life.

We will also touch on how to help those who have died, but where the journey of death has become stuck. Known as psychopomping, this process of helping the dead to ‘move on’ is an important part of shamanic work.

In addition, we will look at death in a much wider sense than just the death of the physical body. We will explore death as endings: of periods in our life; relationships that need to be released; of old identities; of habits and patterns; of any thing that no longer serves us and that is holding us back. We will look at the process of letting go and moving on (and explore our resistance to doing this). In doing this we will journey to meet Death itself, as an archetypal energy, and build a relationship with it. In doing so, we will learn how Death, far from being something to fear, can become our greatest ally, and potentially the source of great shamanic power.


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