Marie Edwards

I have worked in various mental health, inpatient, education and community settings for the past 16 years with adults, young people, children and families. One of my main passions is in supporting people in recognising their true value, worth and creative potential in a world that has largely not enabled us to discover, ‘all that we are’ both as individuals and as a society as a whole. This, in part, seems to have led to us giving our power away to those who often wield it in highly destructive ways which we know has had devastating implications for all life on Earth.

I have followed a creative and therapeutic path since my late teens gaining a BA Honours degree in Creative Expressive Therapies and later a Masters in Art Psychotherapy; going on to complete further trainings in Group Analysis, Permaculture Design and Therapeutic Shamanism. I have more recently been engaging in further work in Eco-Therapy in the NHS incorporating an animist perspective and indigenous understandings as well as drawing from other therapeutic approaches. I also currently support The Northern School of Permaculture in their monthly publication, ‘Northern Edge’.

I believe strongly in Humanity as a species and even though we have lost our way, I feel sure that we can find fruitful ways forward, in unity. I am convinced that Therapeutic Shamanism has a pivotal role to play in our collective recovery and from my own experience I know how profoundly life changing it is! It is a real honour to work with others at this time in our great journey back to health and wholeness.

Marie Edwards Tutor