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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

Shamanic Therapist Training

This training is for those who wish to engage deeply and in a committed way to becoming a professional Shamanic Counsellor and Therapist. Its exact form is negotiated and adapted according to the needs and wishes of individual participants. It will however usually consist of completing a number of the In-Depth courses, plus taking part in additional shamanic counselling and psychotherapy training. It also involves building evidence of cultivating a shamanic practice in one's daily life, including doing a project of some kind, keeping a shamanic journeying journal, a commitment to personal development, and self, peer and tutor feedback, assessment and supervision.

Details will follow shortly.  


Committing to train to become a shamanic therapist is not to be taken lightly. It involves a commitment to work on oneself and to making a deep commitment to one’s spirit teachers, as well as a commitment to ethical and professional standards of conduct. It is therefore of great importance that prospective students take time to really be certain that they are committed to the shamanic path, and that we are the right teachers for them and that the Therapeutic Shamanism approach sits well with them. Likewise, as tutors, we need time to get a feel as to whether a student is right for the training, and that we the right teachers for them. Because of this, we do not consider people for the shamanic therapist training until they have completed at least a First-Steps and In-Depth course.   

To help members of the public wishing to find a well-trained, skillful and ethical shamanic practitioner, there is a register of practitioner training graduates. The register can be found at www.shamanic-practitioners.co.uk

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Done an Introduction to Shamanism workshop? Then you can start to explore shamanism in more depth with the Foundation Course weekends. The courses cover all main areas of core shamanism, including soul retrieval and shamanic healing.