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Find out What our students say about the Therapeutic Shamanism courses

​I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been in finding Three Ravens. It definitely feels like finding the needle in the haystack of ungrounded, unethical and egotistical spiritual practices and teachers. Paul is an incredible, no-nonsense and no-drama teacher and the wisdom he imparts speaks from a lifetime of experience and extensive personal practice. The provision of a space where I can also be surrounded by others who understand my grief about the state of the modern world and the yearning to revive the wisdom and practices we have lost is invaluable. I cannot recommend this college highly enough. My unending gratitude to Paul and the supporting staff.


Paul is a wise, modest, kind-hearted, genuine, intelligent, compassionate, considerate, knowledgeable and experienced teacher. And a good human being.


I wondered if the courses would work as well online, but was very pleasantly surprised that, not only does it work extremely well online, but I actually prefer it. The courses are very well organised and presented. Plus, a safe place to learn about and study Shamanism and Shamanic practices.


Just as a good wine keeps resonating on the palate, the courses provide insights that continue to resonate in mind and soul, long after the course is done!  A unique blend of wisdom and support drawn from a wide range of valid psychotherapeutic and shamanic sources, “Finding Your True Soul” has been a transformative course for me. It has not only clarified the distinction between Soul and Spirit, but also, thanks to the practical part of the course, enabled me to embody and inhabit my soul self in the nurturing context of my Lower-World soul tribe. That’s been pivotal in helping me to draw on the fundamental truth and authenticity the soul provides to nourish and keep me more on track in everyday middle-world life.


Paul is a brilliant teacher. I say that as someone who has spent 30 years of my life in the teaching profession, and is not easily impressed these days! He has an encyclopedic knowledge, combined with compassion, wisdom and gentleness. He really knows how to hold a group without having to be impressive (in fact, he is quite a humble man!).


Big thanks to you all for your skilful facilitation over the last 4 weeks. My experience is of having been nourished and inspired through journeying and I feel a greater sense of embodied connection to nature, personal power and sources of inspiration and guidance.


The Therapeutic Shamanism courses are brilliant. They are endlessly fascinating, and skilfully delivered. The balance between theory and practice is just right, and I always come away from the weekends having learnt loads not just about shamanism, but about myself, other people, life, and the universe! Great stuff.

Blackburn, Lancashire.

Learning about what it means to be an Adult filled me with excitement for the future, reminded me about the unique purpose we have as individuals, and encouraged me to step on a way of finding my true Soul.  [Finding Your True Soul]

Nova Gorica, Slovenia

The course material is utterly absorbing, fascinating and eye-opening. The most amazing thing though is that it is also presented alongside practical exercises that not only bring the theory alive, but which bring almost immediate positive results. I have done a lot of psychotherapy in my life, and followed a lot of different spiritual practices too, but I have never come across something that is so effective so quickly, and with the added (but, not to be sneezed at!) bonus of being immensely enjoyable too.


As a psychotherapist, I absolutely love these courses. As well as benefiting me personally, the knowledge and insights from the courses has both opened up and deepened my work with clients, and as a result, I can see hugely positive changes I them too.


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