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Find out What our students say about the Therapeutic Shamanism courses

I enjoyed the format of the course – with equally good time and space for individual reflection and group / collective sharing. I appreciated your openness to sharing yourselves honestly and your willingness to answer questions.


As a psychotherapist, I absolutely love these courses. As well as benefiting me personally, the knowledge and insights from the courses has both opened up and deepened my work with clients, and as a result, I can see hugely positive changes I them too.


I really enjoyed Paul’s first Soul Retrieval course, he is an excellent teacher as he is not only very knowledgeable and experienced in the work but he has a way of explaining things that make it very easy to understand. I started off just coming to one workshop but was so impressed that I signed up for all three.


A great introduction to therapeutic shamanism. The structure of the course gives both good insights into the theory and the practical side of it, and I loved how inclusive it is both for complete beginners and also for those who have some background in shamanic practices. I am now very motivated to keep on journeying and creating a strong relationship with my guides. I look forward to continuing learning with you.


Really looking forward to continuing learning and journeying with your lovely team!! Thanks so much to you all for the important work you do. A BIG thank you for the life-enhancing courses and the wisdom and support for us on our journeys. It’s making a difference in my life already.


Working with lower world humans, experiencing healthy relationships, meeting Children, Elders and being accepted as a part of a healthy community brings feelings of safety, love, and genuine connection.  This course will give you a blueprint for thriving, loving connections that can be learned … and then brought back to your day-to-day relationships. [Finding Your True Soul]

Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Online training has its advantages! In contrast to addressing everything in few days, the learning is spread over 4 or 5 weeks. This really allows you to digest the materials and to ask any questions that might arise. Connecting with like-minded people over and signal groups in the meantime is also a big bonus that is not to be ignored.

Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Paul not only has an amazing breadth of knowledge and experience but has the ability to communicate what he knows in a way that is both clear and practical. He is also surrounded by a team of grounded and skilful facilitators too. It makes for a wonderful learning environment.


The course offers … ways of being that help you strip off the middle-world stories, learn how to see and heal your middle-world wounds, and question and let go of beliefs and relationships that no longer serve you.  It’s like getting a toolbox for whenever challenging times come along.  [More Explorations in the Lower-World]

Nova Gorica, Slovenia

I thought it was amazing. I had read all your books, which I love, but I gained an even greater understanding from your teaching it directly, and from your answers to the questions people posed. I love the format − of teaching, then experiential work, and then the group work.



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