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The Three Ravens College has been running shamanic training in Therapeutic Shamanism since 2007. Since 2020 we have moved all our workshops online. In doing this, we have worked hard to ensure that our shamanic courses online are every bit as effective as our face-to-face ones were, and that they also made full use of the additional advantages and opportunities that online learning can bring.


Our online workshops cover all levels, from shamanic courses suitable for complete beginners, through to courses covering how to work as a professional shamanic practitioner. Because of their breadth and depth, they can offer you a comprehensive and in-depth modern-day shamanic apprenticeship. The workshops are arranged over different levels.


March and April 2024Exploring the Lower World. A Next-Steps course. FINISHED NOW!

June to July 2024. First-Steps in Therapeutic Shamanism and Animism. An Introductory course. BOOKING NOW!

June to September 2024. Inner-Tribe Work: Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Parts-of-Self Work. BOOKING NOW!

November to December 2024. Further Explorations in the Lower-World. A Next-Steps course. BOOKING NOW!

November to December 2024. First-Steps in Therapeutic Shamanism and Animism.

live shamanic
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shamanic courses online
  • Zoom online sessions with the founder of Therapeutic Shamanism, Paul Francis.
  • Live shamanic journeying in every class. 
  • Study in the comfort of your own home.
  • Recordings of online sessions are available if you wish to study at your own time and pace.
shamanism courses
  • Detailed course notes.
  • Video recording of every class for further study.
  • Submit your questions for the next sessions, and discuss with peers in the meantime.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Suggestions of optional home study exercises to deepen your practice.
  • Join our active and supportive shamanic community and meet like-minded people.
  • Connect between sessions in online groups.
  • Deepen the connection in break-out rooms during sessions.
  • Find support and encouragement, and share experiences and insights.

Online Courses Levels

First-Steps Course

This is the starting point for learning Therapeutic Shamanism, and a pre-requisite for going on to the other courses. Being a low-cost course, it gives you the chance to see whether the Therapeutic Shamanism approach is right for you.

Next-Steps Courses

The Next-Steps courses focus on developing a shamanic practice that is deeply rooted and grounded. You can take them in any order, depending on what aspects of your shamanic work you want to explore and develop.

Further-Steps Courses

The Further-Steps courses continue the exploration of Therapeutic Shamanism, take your shamanic practice to new levels, and offer a rich and diverse range of topics and areas for you to explore.

Shamanic Practitioner Course

For those who wish to explore offering Therapeutic Shamanism to the public, and work as a professionally competent and ethical shamanic practitioner.

Shamanic Psychotherapy Training

Online workshops exploring the interface between shamanism, counselling, psychotherapy, animism, spirituality, eco-psychotherapy and ecotherapy. Suitable both for personal development, and as professional-development modules for counsellors, psychotherapists and other therapists. 


Yes! Many of our students prefer to do the online sessions live as they enjoy the experience of working together as a group. However, you can also do the courses in your own time and at your own pace, by watching the recordings of the live sessions.

The recordings include the theory presentations, journey instructions, and Q&A sessions (everything except the discussions in break-out rooms, which we don’t record to protect participants privacy). Recordings are released a few days after each live session, and are available for a further three months after the last online session date, giving people plenty of time to go through the material.

  • Whichever way you decide to do a course though (live, or in your own time), you get all the benefits of being able to:
  • Ask questions and get them answered by Paul Francis (either at the next online session or via access to a library of Q&A videos).
  • Access all the course handouts and other resources, including suggested further reading, links to videos and articles, and so on.
  • Join the courses’ lively discussion forums, where students can share experiences, ask further questions, debate issues and share ideas and resources.

If you miss a session, that is fine! You can catch up using the recording of the session. Recordings are available for the theory, Q&A, and journeying instructions parts of the sessions (but not of the more private work people do in the break-out rooms).

Both the First-Steps course and the first book are introductions to shamanism, and so there is a degree of overlap. However, usually at least half of the students who do the First-Steps course have already read the first book, and always report that they learn loads more by doing the course too. This is partly as the course contains information not in the book, but also from the opportunity the course gives for questions and discussion.

The same goes for the other courses too. Although some are based on material that is also in the books, students always report that they get a great deal from doing the courses even if they have already read the books.

Conversely, students say they find the books are also a great compliment to the books too.

To be accepted on the Next-Step courses you must do the college’s First-Step course first. We regularly get inquiries from people who have trained in shamanism elsewhere and who want to skip the First-Steps course. From experience however, we have found that this is not a good idea, no matter how much prior experience people have. There are three main reasons for this:

  • Our First-Steps course contains practices and information that are not part of other shamanic trainings.
  • There are many very different approaches to shamanism. Because of this, we find that, in order to understand Therapeutic Shamanism, people with prior experience almost always need to go back to basics and learn afresh. This is not a process that can be skipped.
  • We teach Therapeutic Shamanism, with an emphasis not only on the spiritual side of the work, but on the psychological and emotional aspects too. Consequently, to feel safe enough to work at this depth, students need to take time to see whether we feel like the right tutors for them. Likewise, as tutors, we need to take time to see whether we feel people are right for this work, before accepting students onto the deeper courses.

If you haven’t done a First-Steps course yet, you can find the details of the next available ones here

In short, yes! Our students report that they find our online shamanic courses to be highly effective. We ran face-to-face courses for many years, and when we moved online, we worked hard to ensure the online courses were every bit as effective as the face-to-face ones had been, and in addition, that they made full use of the advantages that online learning can also offer.

Our students about learning with us online:

  • “I have attended courses in person and online and I would say they are equally effective. Just that you are not spending hours travelling/paying for hotel rooms. I would say it isn’t as tiring doing it online.”
    – S.W.
  • I have not tried any other type of shamanic course, and so I can’t compare, but I have found that it works for me – in terms of learning theory, having time to ask questions, connecting with others, and sharing experiences.” – A.B.B.
  • Honestly, I wasn’t sure how well the courses would work online, but I was wrong to have any doubts. Having experienced the courses now, I’ve been blown away at how well they work, and I actually prefer this format now. This is in no small part to the hard work and skill I can see has been put into finding ways to deliver the material online – as a teacher myself, it is very impressive! Well done!” – P.S.

Yes!  All our courses now come with life-time access to the teaching materials.

It’s FREE!  When we (re)run any course that you have done previously, you can sign up for the new version for free!

Shamanic courses - What Our students say

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If you are looking for a special present for your spiritually curious friend, consider gifting a course in animism, shamanic journeying, and therapeutic shamanism.

To order a gift voucher:

1. Get in Touch: Email us at to express your interest. Share your friend’s name and email.

2. Payment Process: We’ll send you a PayPal invoice for a quick and secure transaction.

3. Personalized Voucher: After payment, we’ll create a personalized voucher with a special code linked to your friend’s email and send it to you.

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