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Next Steps Course

Next-Steps in Therapeutic Shamanism

After completing the college’s First-Step course, these courses are the next step for those who wish to explore therapeutic shamanism and animism further.

The courses focus on:

  • exploring the shamanic Lower-World practices in detail,
  • developing a deep connection with Lower-World Guides (including Human, Animal Plant and Stone ones),
  • finding our own true and authentic Lower-World Soul – the person we are truly meant to be.

In doing so, as well as being potentially profoundly healing and life-changing, the courses also help people develop a shamanic practice that is both deeply rooted and grounded.


Like the First-Step course, the Next-Steps courses are usually arranged into one or two online sessions a week, with exercises to practice at home. Courses vary in length, depending on the topic being covered. They run at various times of the year, and are repeated on a regular basis. They can be taken in any order.

Exploring the Lower-World

Go deeper still into the practice of Hollowing-Out. Find a truly Lower-World Human Guide, and maybe your Lower-World Human Tribe too. Discover the healing power of the Elemental Transformational Practices, of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

Deeper Explorations in the Lower-World

Learn more vital shamanic techniques and practices. This includes an in-depth exploration of shamanic Extractions, De-possessions, Disentanglings, Expansions and Just-Being practices.

The Animal, Plant, Standing (Tree) and Stone People

Discover what they really are, their teaching and healing gifts, and how to work with them. Find out what understanding the Other-Than-Human People can show us about what Humans really are and should be, and how to take our healthy place again on the Web of Life.

Finding Your Wild Soul

Finding who you are, and were, truly meant to be. Discover practices to connect to your authentic, fully-alive, wild and free Lower-World Soul. Learn how to begin to come back to a more right-relationship with yourself, with other humans, and with the Other-Than-Human too.

The Shamanic Worlds

Delve deeper into the teaching and healing power of the Realms of Sea, Land, Sky and Fire. Learn to meet and work with the Oversouls of beings such as Mountain, Forest, Grassland, Wind, and even the Waves in the Sea. Explore the relationship between Sea, the Mother Archetype, and healing grief and attachment wounds; Land, place in the world, and the Father Archetype; Air, Spirit, and the role of Bird Medicine in shamanism; Fire as transformation, the Hero's/Heroine's journey and making the darkness conscious. Even if you are already familiar with Lower-World work, you will find much new material and deeper insights in this course.

Betwixt-and-Between: The Cracks Between the Worlds

Explore the mysterious power of the Borderlands and their inhabitants, and the significance of moving between the Realms and how this can transform us in turn. This includes: an exploration of the Shoreline and its healing, and of the significance of moving between Land and Sea; understanding the descent into Fire and the Under-World; moving from being Earth-bound to being free in the Air and the Sky; and more.

Study shamanism with us: enrollment Requirements

To study our Next-Step and Further-Steps courses, you must have done the college’s First-Step course first. We regularly get enquiries from people who have trained in shamanism elsewhere and who want to skip the First-Steps course. From experience however, we have found that this is not a good idea, no matter how much prior experience people have. There are three main reasons for this:

Our First-Steps course contains skills and information that are not part of other shamanic trainings.

There are many very different approaches to shamanism. Because of this, we find that in order to understand Therapeutic Shamanism, people with prior experience almost always need to go back to basics and learn afresh. This is not a process that can be skipped.

We teach Therapeutic Shamanism, with an emphasis not only on the spiritual side of the work, but the psychological and emotional aspects too. Consequently, to feel safe enough to work at this depth, students need to take time to see whether we feel like the right tutors for them. Likewise, as tutors we need to take time to see whether we feel people are right for this work, before accepting students on to the deeper courses.

If you haven’t done a First-Steps course yet, you can find the details of upcoming shamanism courses here

shamanic courses online
  • Zoom Online Sessions With Founder of Therapeutic Shamanism, Paul Francis.
  • Live Shamanic Journeying
  • Study in the Comfort of Your Own Home.
shamanism courses
  • Detailed Course Notes.
  • Video Recording of Every Class.
  • Submit Your Questions for the Next Session and Discuss with Peers.
  • Learn at Your Own Pace.
  • Meet Like Minded People.
  • Connect Between Sessions on Website Forum and (optional Signal group).
  • Deepen the Connection in Break-Out Rooms During Live Sessions.

all next-step Course Dates & Details

Like the First-Step course, the Next-Steps shamanism courses are usually one online session a week, with exercises to practice at home. Courses vary in length, depending on the topic being covered. They run at various times of the year and are repeated on a regular basis. They can be taken in any order.

To book a course, please log-in to your account.  Not sure if you have an account?  See our FAQ.

Deeper Explorations in the Lower-World - November to December 2024

Extraction, Disentangling, De-Posession, and More

Starts November 10th, 2024. The course is delivered by six, weekly teaching modules, each between 1 and 3 hours in length. In addition, there are four live sessions on Sundays, 2pm till 4pm (UK time), on November 17 and 24, and December 8th and 15th. 

Students must have completed a First-Steps with us course before being admitted to this course.

More dates will be added at regular intervals. Subscribe to our newsletter to be kept informed of new dates and shamanism courses, or follow us on social media to stay updated: Instagram, Facebook.

Meet the team

The college’s founders, Paul Francis and Cat Anderson, deliver the online meetings. Additional experienced tutors are brought in to assist as needed, depending on student numbers.

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