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Ancient Wisdom and Modern Knowledge for the World Today.

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Online Shamanic TRAINING

Discover our accessible and affordable online workshops and training. Most aspects of shamanism and animism are covered and at all levels, from beginner’s courses to shamanic practitioner training.

Therapeutic Shamanism Books

The best-selling and highly-rated “Therapeutic Shamanism” series of books. A comprehensive, practical, and step-by-step guidance for developing a grounded and in-depth shamanic and animist practice.

Shamanic Resources & Information

Learn more about shamanism and the links with psychotherapy, and ecology. Read about soul-loss and soul-retrieval, find videos, podcasts, download free shamanic drumming MP3s, and more.

Online Shamanic Training

First Steps

Discover what shamanism and animism are and what they can do for you, learn how to do a shamanic journey, discover your power animal, and much more!

Next Steps

Delve deeper into Therapeutic Shamanism with this series of online workshops for people who have attended one of the college’s First Steps courses.

Further Steps

These online workshops take people’s shamanic and animist practice to new levels. They offer shamanism a rich and diverse range of topics and areas to explore.

View all our online courses to find out more, including our Shamanic Practitioner training, and Shamanic Counselling and Psychotherapy workshops.

Series of Books

The first-ever systematic, fully-comprehensive shamanic training and in-depth written guide to modern shamanic practice.

The latest book in the series

The 3rd book in the ‘Therapeutic Shamanism’ series

The Book Your Soul Has Been Waiting for You to Find

Modern-day society is not designed to help us find our Soul. Instead, we have lost our way and lead domesticated and tamed lives, cut off both from our own true nature and from the natural world too. These days, the sad truth is that most people live and die without knowing who they really are, never knowing the magnificent being that Mother Earth intended them to be.

This was not always the case. In recovering the wisdom and knowledge of our hunter-gatherer shamanic ancestors, we can remember what we are meant to be. If we free ourselves from the distorted stories that our culture tells us, we discover that our true nature is something that is altogether more beautiful and profound than we have been led to believe. We remember how to live in right-relationship with ourselves, with each other as humans, and with the more-than-human world too.

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