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Finding Your Deep Soul

Guidance for authentic living through shamanic practices

The Book Your Soul Has Been Waiting for You to Find.

Modern-day society is not designed to help us find our Soul. Instead, we have lost our way and lead domesticated and tamed lives, cut off both from our own true nature and from the natural world too. These days, the sad truth is that most people live and die without knowing who they really are, never knowing the magnificent being that Mother Earth intended them to be.

This was not always the case. In recovering the wisdom and knowledge of our hunter-gatherer shamanic ancestors, we can remember what we are meant to be. If we free ourselves from the distorted stories that our culture tells us, we discover that our true nature is something that is altogether more beautiful and profound than we have been led to believe. We remember how to live in right-relationship with ourselves, with each other as humans, and with the more-than-human world too. For our shamanic and animist ancestors knew that healthy humans are not separate or superior to nature, but a part of nature. They knew that the world is alive and conscious, full of intelligent and sentient beings with gifts of healing and wisdom for us. They knew that we belonged, a part of a living and greater whole.

Drawing on both ancient shamanic wisdom and knowledge from modern-day psychotherapy, and with easy-to-follow, practical and effective exercises, this book helps you wake up and free yourself from the illusions that we live under. It guides you step-by-step along the path of finding your authentic Soul – the grounded, embodied and inter-connected being that you were born to be. It helps you come home to your Soul.

This book is the third in the ‘Therapeutic Shamanism’ series. It is not necessary to have read the other books in the series first. However, this book does assume prior knowledge of the shamanic realms, and the ability to do shamanic journeys for yourself.

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All of the volumes in this series are wonderful, but this is the most powerful so far. In it you are introduced to - yourself. But not the one you see each day in the bathroom mirror. Instead, you meet your lower world self - as baby, child, adult, parent and elder; and, especially, as the human you were meant to be. This book is powerful, and healing; but it is also important for its ethical message.

This book I would say is for those who really want to dig deeper into the potential of Shamanism. Paul's books aren't just a good read, they really give you tangible ways to make Shamanism a way of life. When I went through the process of discovering my Deep Soul my life changed.

The book speaks to the importance of grounding soul awareness and identity in daily experience and everyday life through shamanic practices. It points to the earth rather than the sky as the focus of soul development and maturation therefore countering the tendency to transcend the world rather than enter it more fully.

I have been totally captivated by these books and can honestly say they have changed my life. By the time you have finished this book you will have discovered your "Soul" and be on the way to living your life as a real, authentic human being.

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