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The College Team

The Three Ravens College Team

Meet everyone in the Three Ravens College who make it all possible.

I founded the Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism and authored the first book in the “Therapeutic Shamanism” series, now enjoying a serene life in North Wales, surrounded by nature and my cherished cats.
I started exploring Shamanism around 20 years ago. In 2007 I co-founded the Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism and Animism with my partner, Paul Francis. My key role is to handle the managerial and admin side of the college, and to be co-host and teaching support during the online sessions.
Social media manager for the 3 Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism. When I am not running after my three kids, you can find me at the piano or wrapped in a cozy blanket with a book in my hands. I love to connect with like-minded people, so if you want to chat, get in touch on the college’s socials!
I first attended an intro day with Paul in 2014 and since then, Therapeutic Shamanism has woven a thread through my life.  It has given me tools to support me through several significant life events along the way. When Paul started talking about a new website, I offered my gifts and together we have created the site you are using. 

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