Rewilding Yourself

Discovering Your Soul’s Deep Roots Through Shamanic Practices

Many people these days feel a sense that something is missing from modern-day life.

They feel a yearning for something that is not met by money, possessions, human interactions or even by religions. Alongside this may be disenchantment with consumerist culture, and concerns about the impact we humans are having on the natural world. If this in any way describes you, then this book is a must-read.

For many centuries, earth-based spiritual practices have been persecuted and suppressed all over the world. They have been replaced by materialism, the myth of human supremacy, and with ungrounded religions. We have lost our connection with nature, our spiritual connection with the natural world. We have tamed most of the Earth to the extent that little true wilderness is left, and we have destroyed indigenous cultures who lived in harmony with the environment for thousands of years. We have domesticated not only the world around us but ourselves too. In doing so, we have lost our way. We have become uprooted and adrift and are killing the ecosystems to which we belong.

The ancient practice of shamanism cultivates a deep spiritual connection to the Earth. It is not a religion. There is no dogma, and no belief is required. Instead, it offers practical methods that can heal our sense of disconnection, and provides a template for living in a healthy relationship with the Earth. Therapeutic Shamanism is rooted in these ancient practices and shows us how we can take them forward and make them relevant to modern-day life.

Following on from the highly-acclaimed first volume in this series, “Rewilding Yourself”, Volume 2 in the Therapeutic Shamanism Series, is an in-depth and comprehensive guide, uniquely dedicated to shamanic lower-world practices. Eye-opening and full of life-changing insights, it also provides a practical, step-by-step guide to reconnecting to the sacredness of the earth and to rediscovering the deep, wild and connected roots of your own, true soul.

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This is a superb book. I found it even better than Paul's first (also excellent) book in this series. The book contains detailed explanations of the practice of shamanic journeying. I hadn't properly appreciated the role of a Power Animal in journeying and Paul's instructions immediately and very substantially boosted my own experiences. His accounts and analyses of journeys are also extremely helpful: they give immensely valuable guidance on unpicking the reality of lower world experience from one's subjective overlay. Paul's writing has a light touch but he is always careful and rigorously ethical. This is a deep subject and he is a teacher one can trust.

The second book in this fascinating series. Paul Francis' conceptual clarity makes both the reason for society's ills and the remedy for them seem indisputable. He blends the ancient with the modern seamlessly and tackles the inevitable doubts about shamanic reality with gentle humour. Lots of detailed exercises are provided so you really can practice what he preaches; I'm very much looking forward to the healing process. Highly recommended.

I eagerly awaited this, the second in Paul Francis’ Therapeutic Shamanism series, and wasn’t disappointed. Another excellent, stimulating, content rich book and practical resource. I especially like that it can be approached in different and flexible ways to suit the reader; reading through from start to finish and then returning to the exercises, systematically taking a chapter at a time and doing exercises as you go, or creating your own personal reading and learning path through it. A helpful blend of background, context, case studies, examples and suggestions for shamanic journeys and other shamanic practices. Accessible to both the relative novice and the more experienced practitioner, to guide you through building and deepening connection and learning. Clearly written from a grounded, ethical knowledgeable place, I felt in safe hands. An indispensable guide to soul-full therapeutic shamanism, for the age we live in. Highly recommended.

This second book, as was the first, is grounded in wisdom, knowledge and ethics. Written with humour, honesty and great awareness, it lends itself to those new to Shamanism and those already following a Shamanic Path as practitioners. I believe the series, once complete, will be a timeless cornerstone for Shamanic work. A must read book.

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Sane, practical, effective core shamanic work.
This second book, as was the first, is grounded in wisdom, knowledge and ethics.
If you are interested in shamanism, its a 'must have' book
Paul Francis hits the spot again!
I have been eagerly awaiting this second book in the series and I'm not disappointed!
An invaluable and unique source of true guidance for anyone interested in shamanism.

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