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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

Therapeutic Shamanism

 Detailed information on shamanism courses. Study all aspect of core shamanic practice, including: soul retrieval; extraction and other shamanic healing methods; shamanic meditation practices and shamanism as a spiritual practice.

The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.

The Medicine Wheel: A year of living shamanically.

Dates: 2019 - Feb 2-3, March 23-24, June 22-23, Sept 21-22, Dec 21-22.

Venue: Llandudno (we also hope to be able to offer the course in the Leeds area in 2020, dates for this are to be confirmed).

Tutor: Paul Francis. Other foundation course tutors may be assisting at times.

The Medicine Wheel is a profoundly useful tool for living shamanically. It provides us with a model that maps out how processes flow in cycles. It shows us the order of things, and how things fit together into a whole. It can be used in many ways. For instance, it can help us to live more in harmony with natural cycles and processes – not just times of day or the seasons of the year, but the stages of human life, and the stages we go through in learning something or moving through a process. It can help us to pay more attention to what is around us, and so to feel more connected to life and nature. It can be used when we feel stuck with something, by helping show us where we are in the cycle and what we need to do next to move on. It can help show us what resources we can draw on when we need help and support. It is both a human psychological map, and a map of external, natural processes.

This five weekend course starts on the weekend before Imbolc, a time of planning and preparation. The following weekends are the weekend before the spring equinox, the summer solstice, the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. Together we will practice a year of living in tune with the natural seasons and rhythms of the year, as well as going deeply into what the medicine wheel tells us about our own individual processes, and how it can help us.

There are a series of articles about the medicine wheel here.


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What previous students have said about the Medicine Wheel…

“The Medicine Wheel training has for me been one of the best courses I have ever done. It has taught me that in every year there is a time for ideas, action, fruition, rest and stillness. As a ‘fire’ person I now realise that I don’t have to run around all the time and constantly burn myself out. It has made me become aware that nature will breathe through me and guide me if I just stop and align myself with her changing seasons. A beautiful course full of profound and awe inspiring teaching from the very lovely Paul Francis.” C.G., Liverpool.

“The medicine wheel course brought about a profound change in my life and helped me to connect to the changes of the seasons and embed shamanic practice in my everyday life. The weekends themselves were very powerful and moving and helped to shift past blockages in myself. I think one of the greatest gifts from the course is that it has given me a framework to develop my shamanic practice year upon year through providing knowledge and practices for use at various times of the year. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wishes to explore shamanism.” P.C., Manchester.

“I found the course (5 weekends spread throughout the year) to be incredibly helpful - both on a practical, psychological, and spiritual level. I learnt a great deal from Paul, and found him refreshingly downbeat, keen and able to empower us as students, as well as a very knowledgeable teacher. As someone else said, he is the real deal... But, for me, the course turned out to be much more than this. I had assumed the "Medicine Wheel" would be a concept we needed to learn, to study. Looking back through the year, though, it is clear that something much subtler, and more profound has been happening. That, through a certain amount of Paul's experiential teaching - the implicit psycho/spiritual/shamanic structure of the "Medicine Wheel" has somehow been growing, or rather unearthed, from within. As if it had been waiting, like all good things, to be re-discovered all along... Already, it has helped make substantial positive changes to both myself, and my life, and am sure there will be much more to come. With very real thanks...” I. M., Derbyshire.

“The Medicine Wheel courses take the wisdom of the directions and of the elements, to deliver practical knowledge and guidance that can be applied to numerous aspects of life. The Medicine Wheel has given me insight into the kind of person I am, how I work most effectively, what the blocks in my life are and how I can overcome them. They have also given me a huge insight into my relationships with others. I now have a much more conscious relationship with the seasons of the year, as well as the seasons of life and of my creative projects. My enhanced awareness brings with it a greater flow of harmony into all aspects of my life.” L.M., Cumbria.

I have just completed a series of weekends on the Medicine Wheel and while I have loved everything that I have studied with the Three Ravens College, these weekends have provided me with a structure for almost all of the rest. For me the Medicine Wheel provides the "glue" that cements together a lot of my learning to date. Besides this, it is a model for the whole of life and for so many aspects of it that occur day to day. I have learned a lot about myself, as well as me in relations to others on these weekends and I have taken my first steps to a new way of life, living more in alignment with the seasons of the year, of life and my authentic self. I say first steps because this is no quick fix, it is a life-long journey and it is hard work at times but it is extremely worthwhile. I have found the programme very powerful and I can not recommend it highly enough.” L.K., Leicestershire.

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