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Paul Francis

I grew up in the north of England. At the age of eighteen, I went to Lancaster University where I studied philosophy and social anthropology, primarily studying tribal (shamanic) cultures. After graduating I worked for a few years in a hospital, teaching sign language, and in my spare time studied complementary medicine, various spiritual traditions, and psychotherapy. I set up in private practice as a complementary medical practitioner and psychotherapist in the early 1980s, and gradually developed my shamanic practice. Eventually, in 2007, I founded the Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism. I published the first in the “Therapeutic Shamanism” series of books.

Although retired from one-to-one work now, I continue to teach and write, and develop the Therapeutic Shamanism approach. Otherwise, I lead a quiet life. When not working, I spend my days either on the beach or walking in the hills in beautiful North Wales where I now live, watching clouds and sunsets, gardening, cooking for my partner, holding her hand, reading, researching on the internet (there is so much I still want to learn and study!), thinking, laughing and crying, occasionally wrestling inner demons, doing nothing in particular, talking to my guides, feeling gratitude and wonder, and gazing adoringly at my four cats.

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