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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

Therapeutic Shamanism

 Detailed information on the shamanism courses. Study all aspect of core shamanic practice, including: soul retrieval; extraction and other shamanic healing methods; shamanic meditation practices and shamanism as a spiritual practice.

The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.

Exploring the Shamanic Realms: the  lower-world and upper-world.

In four parts, although the weekends can also be taken individually.

Dates: Will be offered again at some point.

Venue: tbc.

Tutors: tbc.

Over four weekends, this course is for people with relatively little shamanic experience, and for experienced practitioners. If you are fairly new to shamanism these weekends will give you a really in-depth experience of the shamanic realms. For experienced practitioners, the weekends will give you a chance to map out these realms and bring them to life in a way that will really deepen your connection and experience of working with them.

The August and November weekends will be dedicated to exploring the lower-world, and the September and December weekends to exploring the upper-world.

On the lower-world weekends we will explore practices to really enhance our connection with, and experience of, the lower-world, so that our shamanic practice comes from a place of deep and grounded roots. We will explore what the lower-world really is, and ways to heal the broken relationship with it, and with Mother Earth herself, that is prevalent in modern ‘civilisation’. We will literally make maps of the realm, mapping out the settlements, terrain, flora and fauna. Using a mixture of journeying, drawing, map-making and story telling, we will flesh out the guides that we encounter, getting to know their ‘back-story’: their history, their relatives, where they live, what they do, and so on. This will hugely deepen your connection with any existing guides, give you the chance to meet new guides and teachers, and greatly enhance your shamanic experience and shamanic healing skills. We will also explore lower-world practices such as shape-shifting, burials and more. And most importantly, we will begin the process of meeting, and gradually becoming, your authentic, deeper soul.

In the upper-world weekends we will explore the true nature of the upper-world and of Spirit, how it differs from the lower-world, and the importance of working with both realms in a balanced way. We will also begin the process of healing any distorted relationship we have with Father Sun, a distortion that is endemic in the modern world. We will discover the different ‘tiers’ of the upper-world, and learn to navigate them, and understand what we encounter in them, and how to work with them. We will meet our upper-world guides and teachers, and learn practices to deepen our connection with them. We will explore how to meet our upper-world self, and begin the process of bringing our life more into harmony with them, in terms of ethics, compassion, and self-compassion. We will explore upper-world healing practices, including disentanglements, from other people, and from our own past. And we will explore the true nature of upper-world gods and goddesses, and how to work with them.

Course fees

Book with Tracy Owens - 07486 374379  tracyowens.shamanic@gmail.com

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