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The "Therapeutic Shamanism" Series

by Paul Francis

Suitable for both complete beginners and experienced practitioners alike, this series of books offer a comprehensive apprenticeship in shamanism for modern times. Each volume is full of eye-opening ideas, knowledge and insights, all explained in a clear and easy-to-understand way. As well as being thought-provoking, the books are packed with practical exercises and suggestions about how to put the theory and ideas into practice. 

Written by Paul Francis, and drawing on his wealth of knowledge and experience in shamanism, anthropology, psychotherapy and other fields, the books describe a shamanic practice that is spirit-led, down-to-earth, psychologically-aware, ethical and compassionate; a practice that draws on ancient wisdom, and yet one that is deeply-suited and applicable to the times in which we now live.

The latest book in the series

The 3rd book in the ‘Therapeutic Shamanism’ series

The Book Your Soul Has Been Waiting for You to Find

Modern-day society is not designed to help us find our Soul. Instead, we have lost our way and lead domesticated and tamed lives, cut off both from our own true nature and from the natural world too. These days, the sad truth is that most people live and die without knowing who they really are, never knowing the magnificent being that Mother Earth intended them to be.

This was not always the case. In recovering the wisdom and knowledge of our hunter-gatherer shamanic ancestors, we can remember what we are meant to be. If we free ourselves from the distorted stories that our culture tells us, we discover that our true nature is something that is altogether more beautiful and profound than we have been led to believe. We remember how to live in right-relationship with ourselves, with each other as humans, and with the more-than-human world too.

Praise for the Series

Quotes from reviews for books in the Therapeutic Shamanism series

Paul Francis speaks lucidly but passionately about shamanism, psychotherapy and the benefits of combining the two. I've read many books by good authors on both subjects but I have to say that this [The Shamanic Journey] is the most in-depth examination of basic "core" shamanic practice I've come across. The book doesn't try to cover too much, instead it looks in some detail at basic principles. This makes it excellent as a beginner text and also useful for those like me who have some experience in the area and now wish to take it further. The exercises are simple but powerful and have had a very positive effect on my own journeying and connections with my guides.

This is a superb book. I found it even better than Paul's first (also excellent) book in this series. The book contains detailed explanations of the practice of shamanic journeying. I hadn't properly appreciated the role of a Power Animal in journeying and Paul's instructions immediately and very substantially boosted my own experiences. His accounts and analyses of journeys are also extremely helpful: they give immensely valuable guidance on unpicking the reality of lower world experience from one's subjective overlay. Paul's writing has a light touch but he is always careful and rigorously ethical. This is a deep subject and he is a teacher one can trust.

All of the volumes in this series are wonderful, but this [Finding Your Deep Soul] is the most powerful so far. In it you are introduced to - yourself. But not the one you see each day in the bathroom mirror. Instead, you meet your lower world self - as baby, child, adult, parent and elder; and, especially, as the human you were meant to be. This book is powerful, and healing; but it is also important for its ethical message.

What readers have said...

A definitive text on living shamanically
A Wake Up call for our times
I love the integration between the ancient practice and modern psychotherapy.
Relevant for both the beginner and the more experienced reader/practitioner
If you are interested in shamanism, its a 'must have' book
Written in a clear, conversational style with a comprehensive index for easy reference

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