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Glossary: Power-loss

Ubbanised, city environmentIn shamanism, this is different to what, in psychotherapy, might be understood as the loss of personal power. Instead, Power-loss is being cut off from nature and from the untamed and undomesticated. This is, of course, something that is endemic to most modern-day, urbanised lifestyles (and even for those who live in the countryside, many rural environments these days are heavily domesticated, depleted of wildlife, and not true wilderness).

It is called Power-loss, as being disconnected in this way weakens us. This is something shamans have always known. These days though, this is increasingly understood outside the shamanic community too, even in the scientific community, with a growing awareness that spending time in nature is good for our mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual wellbeing [links below].

The symptoms of Power-loss are the same as those of soul-loss, and both leave holes in us that make us weakened and ill, and vulnerable to infection by entities. The treatment of each is different though. Whereas soul-loss is treated by soul-retrieval – journeying to find the lost parts and bringing them back − healing Power-loss cannot be done by a journey alone, or even a series of journeys. Instead, healing it means changing how we live in our day-to-day middle-world lives, by finding whatever ways we can to connect again with nature, the other-than human, and Mother Earth.

Links to some articles about how spending time in nature is good for us:

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