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Free e-book: SOUL LOSS

Soul loss

When you experience trauma, emotional distress, or significant life events, a part of your soul may become fragmented or dissociate from your being. It also happens when we are forced to ‘fit in’ to be accepted (which, sadly, is the norm for most people today!). 

Soul loss can manifest in diverse ways, from a sense of incompleteness or numbness, to disconnection, depression, and difficulties with focus, confidence, and past events. It may lead to recurring patterns, a struggle to move forward, and lingering negative emotions like grief and anger.

How to cure soul loss?

Grab your copy of our latest free soul loss e-book to find out:

If you prefer watching or listening, we also took a deep dive into soul loss in our most recent episode on Youtube and podcast channels:

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Paul Francis

Upcoming courses:


The essential, low-cost introductory course for anyone wishing to explore this approach. 

Dates: January 7th to February 11th, 2024


  • What shamanism is (and what is not)
  • The history of shamanism and animism
  • The key concepts of the shamanic universe
  • How to do a shamanic journey (step-by-step process)
  • How to do a Power Animal retrieval journey and find your own Power Animal
  • The fascinating and potentially life-changing story of why we nearly lost shamanism, why we need it back and how psychotherapy fits in the process
  • The basics of how to do shamanic healing for other people

Course Structure. The course is delivered via:

  • Three live sessions on January 7th, January 21st, and February 4th. The live sessions start at 2pm (UK time). The first is 3.5 to 4 hours long, and covers the first two modules (described below). The second and third live sessions are 2 hours long. All are recorded, for anyone who is not able to attend them live.
  • Five pre-recorded theory modules, delivered by video and accompanying learning materials. These are released at roughly weekly intervals as the course progresses.
  • A website discussion forum and (an optional) Signal group, where students can ask questions, discuss topics, share experiences and additional resources, and get support, encouragement, and a sense of community.
  • A bonus video, answering students’ questions and offering additional teaching. 


January – February 2024: HEALING THE PAST, CHOOSING THE FUTURE. Healing family patterns, releasing ancestral burdens, and freeing ourselves up to better choose our future path. More details here.

March – April 2024: EXPLORING THE LOWER-WORLD. Go deeper still into the practice of Hollowing-Out. Find a truly Lower-World Human Guide, and maybe your Lower-World Human Tribe too. Discover the healing power of the Elemental Transformational Practices, of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. More details here.

June to September 2024. INNER TRIBE WORK. Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Parts-of-Self Work. Details to follow.

Learn more vital shamanic techniques and practices. This includes an in-depth exploration of shamanic Extractions, De-possessions, Disentanglings, Expansions and Just-Being practices. Details to follow.

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