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Newsletter – September 2022


I hope this finds you well. 

Interview Sessions

I am very excited to announce the beginning of video interview sessions. The idea of these is to address some of the common questions people have about animism, shamanic journeying, the links between shamanism and psychotherapy, and so on, and to explore some topics that I don’t always get a chance to cover in the online courses.

The first two episodes are introductory ones. The first explores what shamanism is, how it differs from animism, how psychotherapy can contribute, and why we desperately need shamanic practices back. The second one, dives into shamanic journeying – what it is, where we journey, how we can learn it and much more!

I am excited to be doing this, and have a long list of interesting topics for future episodes. However, if you have any specific topics you would like to see me cover, or questions that you would like me to address, then reach out to and let me know. 


In episode one of The Three Ravens Sessions, we explore what shamanism is, how it differs from animism, how psychotherapy can contribute, and why we need shamanic practices back.

watch on YouTube
watch on Vimeo

or download an audio track and listen on the go:


In the second episode, we dive into shamanic journeying – what it is, where we journey, how we can learn it and why it is something that can really enrich and deepen our everyday shamanic practice.

watch on YouTube
watch on Vimeo

or download an audio track and listen on the go:

Also available as A Podcast!

Coming Up:


Dates: 4 Saturday sessions: September 10, 17, 24, October 1.

Times: 10 am start (UK time), each online meeting is 3 – 4 hours long.

Flexible study. You can either attend the sessions live, or do the course at your own pace and time by watching the recordings of the online sessions (recordings are made of all the theory presentations, journey instructions, and Q&A discussions, and are available for a further 6 months after the last online session). 


October – November 2022: THE SHAMANIC WORLDS – The Landscapes and Realms of The Lower World (4 pm start – UK time)

February – March 2023: BETWIXT-&-BETWEEN – The Cracks Between The Worlds (10 am start – UK time)

April – May 2023: THE UPPER-WORLD – Exploring The Shamanic Upper-World (10 am start – UK time)

… and more Next-Steps and Further-Steps in 2023!


Essentially, the live sessions are recorded. The recordings include all the theory presentations, the journey instructions, and the extensive Q&A sessions (basically, everything except the discussions in break-out rooms, which we don’t record to protect participants privacy). Recordings are released a few days after each live session, and are available for a further six months after the last online session date, giving you plenty of time to go through the material at your own time and pace. And whichever way you decide to do a course − live, or in your own time, or a mixture of both − you get all the benefits of being able to:

  • Ask questions and get them answered by Paul Francis (either at the next online session or via access to a library of Q&A videos).
  • Access all the course handouts and other resources, including suggested further reading, links to videos and articles, and so on.
  • Join the courses’ lively discussion forums, where students can share experiences, ask further questions, debate issues and share ideas and resources.

I am very excited to be able to offer this now, and I hope it will make the courses much more accessible to our ever-growing number of international students. If you have any questions about it though, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

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Thank you for reading this.


Paul Francis 

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