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Kaja Gulic

I was always a dreamer. I spent my childhood writing songs, building imaginative worlds, annoying adults with complicated questions, being eager to learn. I guess I haven’t changed that much since then (except for a wrinkle or two, which hopefully make me a bit wiser, too!). 🙈

After attending Performing Arts Grammar School, I studied Law but fell in love with digital marketing and the storytelling potential it holds. Stories are an inseparable part of being human – they are how we learn, connect, and find our purpose. As a society, we need better stories, and I am passionate about being a part of the change.

I discovered Therapeutic Shamanism via Paul’s books, immediately falling in love with its grounded and experiential approach. When the college moved the courses online, someone needed to step in to hold the digital space for the growing online community, and here we are! 🙂

When I am not running after my three kids, you can find me at the piano or wrapped in a cozy blanket with a book in my hands. I love to connect with like-minded people, so if you want to chat, get in touch on the college’s socials: InstagramFacebooknewsletter.

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