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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism and Animism

The college has been running courses in Therapeutic Shamanism since 2007. Since 2020 we have moved all our courses online. In doing this, we have worked hard to ensure that our online courses are every bit as effective as the face-to-face ones were, and in addition, that they make full use of the advantages and opportunities that online learning offers.

Our online courses cover all levels of work, from complete beginner, through to working as a professional shamanic therapist. Together, they offer a uniquely detailed and comprehensive training in shamanism, and provide an in-depth and step-by-step modern-day shamanic apprenticeship.

The courses are flexible and modular, and can be done in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to learn at your own pace and study those aspects of shamanism that you feel most drawn to.

The courses are arranged over different levels.

What students say about our courses

I was impressed with the professionalism and quality of material provided with the course. The course leaders were fantastic and gave a great introduction to the course. ...
Just as a good wine keeps resonating on the palate, the courses provide insights that continue to resonate in mind and soul, long after the course is done!  A unique blend of wisdom and support drawn ...
As a psychotherapist, I absolutely love these courses. As well as benefiting me personally, the knowledge and insights from the courses has both opened up and deepened my work with clients, and as a r ...
This course taught me how to step away from what it means to be human and to really embrace the healing offered by other People. It definitely widened my senses and opened a whole new level of experie ...
K.G. Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Course Levels

This is the starting point for learning Therapeutic Shamanism, and a pre-requisite for going on to the other courses. This is a low-cost course, to give you the chance to see whether the Therapeutic Shamanism approach is right for you.

The Next-Steps courses focus on developing a shamanic practice that is deeply rooted and grounded. They can be taken in any order, depending on what aspects of your shamanic work you want to explore and develop.

The Further-Steps courses continue the exploration of Therapeutic Shamanism, take your shamanic practice to new levels, and offer a rich and diverse range of topics and areas for you to explore.

Once-a-month online meetings with a community of like-minded people, to help everyone find ways to make shamanism and animism a living and relevant part of daily life – a vibrant, shared and lived shamanic practice

For those who wish to explore offering Therapeutic Shamanism to the public, and work as a professionally competent and ethical shamanic practitioner.

Courses exploring the interface between shamanism, counselling, psychotherapy, animism, spirituality and ecotherapy. Suitable both for personal development, and for therapists as professional-development modules. 

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