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Newsletter – August 2021

Hi everyone,

My apologies for this newsletter being delayed. It has been a very busy time with the college. As well as having been busy with teaching, we have been busy restructuring the college, both as a result of what we learned from moving online, and in terms of our plans for the future.

New Website

The other thing that has kept me busy has been working on the new website with Colin Froggatt, who handles the tech side of our development. As well as being mobile-friendly (the old site really wasn’t) I think it looks gorgeous and find it easy to use. I love it! You can check it out here. There is still more to come on the website including (a) a more user-friendly booking system (b) a latest-news and blog section (c) an online community hub (d) a greatly expanded information and resources section, including monthly free 10–15-minute videos on all things shamanic. In the meantime, if you have any feedback, requests or suggestions about the website, or spot any typos, you will find a “Website Feedback” button at the bottom of the page. And if you like what you see and are interested in working with Colin, you can contact him here.


I continue to be both somewhat amazed and absolutely delighted at how well it works to deliver the courses online. As a teacher, I am loving it! The feedback from the students has been that they are finding it highly effective and enjoyable too. They also report enjoying not having to travel (and the time, energy and money saved), and that having the learning spread out over several weeks, rather than one long and exhausting weekend, makes the learning more digestible and easier to integrate into their day-to-day lives. Plus, they are enjoying connecting with like-minded people and an international community over the online groups, and value the support this can provide. All in all, moving online has been an immensely positive move. New courses coming up include:

  • First-Steps. New courses in October and January. Details here.
  • Next-Steps. These courses can be done in any order.
    • Next-Steps 2 − More Explorations in the Lower-World: Extractions, De-possessions, Disentangling, Expansions and Just Being. August 2021. Details here.
    • Next-Steps 1 − Exploring the Lower-World: Hollowing-Out, Human Guides, and the Transformation Practices. March 2022. Details here.
  • Further-Steps. Please note, you can now do these courses after having completed the First-Steps course (you no longer have to have done a Next-Steps course too).
    • Upper-World 2 − Exploring the Shamanic Upper-World. October 2021. Details more here.
    • Healthy Boundaries − Shamanic Protection, Boundaries, and Energy Hygiene. Starts October 2021. Details here.
    • How To Live and How to Die – A Shamanic View On Death, Dying and Living. Starts November 2021. Details here.
    • Wheel Of Life − The Shamanic Guide to The Seasons of The Year and The Stages of Life. Sometimes known as “The Medicine Wheel”. Starts in January 2022. Details here.
  • The Shamanic Living Tribe. Supporting people’s shamanic practice. An open-ended, responsive, and community-orientated course. Details here.
  • The Shamanic Practitioner Training. Details here.
  • Shamanic Counselling and Psychotherapy. Details here.


Next Book

Given it has been such a busy time with the college, work on the next book had to be put on hold. I am very keen to get back to writing it though. If all goes to plan, I should be able to do this in the autumn, and then be ready to publish in spring next year. In the meantime, if you are not familiar with the books, you can check them out here.


Due to one thing and another (but mostly to do with the college) Cat and I haven’t had a proper break since December 2019, and so we are planning to take most of September off. YAY! During this time though, you can still book on courses, but just be aware that Cat (who handles admin) will be slow to get back to you, and so if there is anything you want to book on you might want to go ahead and do that now. You can contact Cat at


Paul Francis

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