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Newsletter – February 2021


I hope this finds you well despite the unusual times. 

As you probably know, due to the pandemic we made the decision to try offering courses online. All of us, tutors and regular students alike, had questions as to how well this would work. If too, you have doubts about learning shamanism online, we understand as we shared those concerns! In fact though, moving online has turned out to be a resounding success. The feedback we get from students about the online courses is overwhelmingly positive, and how well they are going is further demonstrated by the supportive, vibrant and international online shamanic community that is emerging around them. So, even if you do have any doubts, maybe just try one of the First-Steps taster courses. Like us, you might be delighted to find how well it works online!

New Courses and Dates


There are new dates for the popular First-Steps courses. Enrolment for these is open now:

  • March 2021 on Saturdays, 4pm start.
  • April and May 2021 on Mondays, 7pm start.
  • May 2021 on Saturdays, 4pm start. 
  • Sept 2021 on Saturdays, 4pm start.
  • Oct and Nov 2021 on Mondays, 7pm.

All times are UK. Details are here


The two new Next-Step courses are booking up now. They are “The Animal, Plant, Standing and Stone People: How to Be Human and Work With the Other-Than-Human”  and “Finding Your True Soul: Coming Back to Life”. The previous two Next-Steps courses proved to be incredibly popular and so we are also running them again. They are “Exploring the Lower-World: Hollowing-Out, Human Guides, and the Transformation Practices.” and “More Explorations in the Lower-World: Extractions, De-possessions, Disentangling, Expansions and Just Being”. Details are here. 


If you have done a First-Steps course, and at least some of the Nest-Steps courses, the Further-Steps courses are now available. They include a course exploring spirituality, mindfulness and meditation from a grounded shamanic perspective, one focusing on exploring the shamanic Upper-World, and “The Wheel of Life: The Shamanic Guide to the Seasons of the Year and the Stages of Life” (in shamanism, sometimes referred to as the “Medicine Wheel”). These courses will be popular so early booking is recommended. Details are here.


[Update Sept 2021 – we are not offering In-Depth courses at the moment]

For those who have done at least some of the ‘Steps’ courses and wish to go deeper, not only in shamanism but who also wish to explore more of the psychotherapeutic side of the work, we offer the In-Depth courses. The foundation In-Depth Course is “The Shamanic Worlds”. Preliminary bookings are now being taken for this. This course is the stepping stone that leads to further In-Depth courses, including “Soul Retrieval and the Fort-Holder”, “Adulthood: A Shamanic Initiation” and more. If you are interested you can find more details here.

Other News

The Next Book

Unless there are any further unavoidable delays, I should be able to get down to writing the fourth book again soon (“Beyond the Self: Shamanic Spirituality, Mindfulness and Meditation Practices”). I hope to have it published in a few month’s time — I will send out a newsletter when it is out.

[Update: Sept 2021 – some preview information for Beyond the Self is available here]

Can You Help?

Lastly, a request for help. I am looking for a new proofreader for my next books.  I’m looking for someone who is a trained and professional proofreader and who, if not into shamanism, is someone who might at least be sympathetic to the subject matter. If you know of anyone who might be interested I’d be very interested to have their details – thank you in advance!


Paul Francis, February 23rd 2021

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