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Newsletter – January 2023


A belated “happy new year” to you all! I hope 2023 is a great year for you.

Here’s the latest news about the courses and the books.


Last year, the college went from strength to strength. Student numbers continued to rise. Although we are primarily UK-based, this included an ever-growing number of international students. It is wonderful to see more people worldwide exploring the Therapeutic Shamanism and Animism approach. This year, we are pleased to offer training in the following:


The essential introductory course for anyone wishing to explore this approach. This course is repeated in May and September. More details here.

Dates: 4 Saturday sessions: February 4, 11, 18, 25
Times: 10 am start (UK time), each online meeting is 3 – 4 hours long.

Flexible study. You can either attend the sessions live, or do the course at your own pace and time by watching the recordings of the online sessions (recordings are made of all the theory presentations, journey instructions, and Q&A discussions, and are available for a further 6 months after the last online session). 


March to April 2023. BETWIXT AND BETWEEN: The Cracks Between the Worlds. A Next-Steps course. This is suitable both for experienced students as it covers new ground, and as a next step for people who have only done the introductory course too. More details here.

April to May 2023. EXPLORING THE SHAMANIC UPPER-WORLD. A Further-Steps course. We don’t get the chance to run the Upper-World courses that often, so we are pleased to have this opportunity. More details here.

July to September 2023. THE TREE OF LIFE (sometimes called “The Totem Pole”): Shamanism, the Chakras, and the Human Body. A Further-Steps course. This course is usually very popular. It contains a wealth of information, and really helps anchor shamanic practice in a highly somatic, grounded and experiential way. More details here.

November to December 2023. FINDING YOUR WILD SOUL. A Next-Steps course. Discover practices to connect to your authentic, fully alive, wild and free Lower-World Soul. Learn how to come back to “right-relationship” with your true self, with other humans, and with the Other-Than-Human too. More details here.

Improved Access

    All our courses now come with 12-month access to the recordings of the live sessions, and life-time access to the other teaching materials.

    As of now, when we (re)run any course that you have done previously, you can sign up for the new version for free!
    A reminder too – if you can’t make the time or dates for the live sessions of our courses, don’t worry. You can still sign up and do the courses by watching the recordings of the live sessions and taking part in the discussion groups in your own time and at your own pace.

Join the courses’ lively discussion forums, where students can share experiences, ask further questions, debate issues and share ideas and resources.

More Free Resources

2022 also saw the birth of our free YouTube and Podcast channels. The plan is to focus on developing these much more in this coming year. If there are any topics you would like to see us cover in these, please do let us know.You can find interview videos on our Youtube channel here, and the podcast is available through the usual podcast services (including here).

Book News

Due to a combination of being busy with the courses and spending a lot of the year recovering from a back injury (thankfully now mostly resolved), last year wasn’t a great year for writing. However, I plan to get down to some serious writing again this year, and if all goes to plan the next book – Soul Roots, Spirit Branches: Animist and Shamanic Spirituality, Mindfulness and Meditation Practices − will be out this year.

I am also delighted that this year will see the launch of the French translation of the first book, The Shamanic Journey, and the Slovenian translation of the second book, Rewilding Yourself.

That is all for now. Thank you for reading this.


Paul Francis

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