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Newsletter – March 2022

We Have Been Busy!

Since joining the college team last year, Colin, our website designer, and Kaja, our social media manager, have been powering ahead and brimming with ideas. Thanks to their skill, knowledge and hard work, for me it has been thrilling to see long-headed plans and ideas I have had finally coming into fruition. I am genuinely excited by what all this means we can offer you, and offer to the shamanic and animist community in general. Particularly because, in these challenging times, it feels to me that we need community, and the knowledge and wisdom of shamanism and animism, now more than ever. 

There is a lot of good stuff to share! I’ll start with the new training courses…

Online Course Updates

If you wish to learn about shamanism, our latest home-study course details are now on the website. Dates go right up until the end of 2023. They include:

Also, if any of you are interested in the Shamanic Practitioner Training and/or the Shamanic Counselling and Psychotherapy Courses, I hope to have updates on these shortly, and will keep you posted in the next newsletter. 

Our Exciting New Shamanic Blog

Kaja has started our new shamanic blog. She has a real talent for writing posts that are engaging and highly accessible, whilst also being packed full of useful and informative content. There are six posts so far, and we will be releasing more on a regular basis. There are links to the published ones below -if you haven’t read them already, they really are worth checking out!

    1. What is Shamanism? 
    2. The 5 ElementsThe Air, Fire, Water, and Earth Transformation Practices
    3. Working With Human Guides in Shamanic Journeys
    4. The Hollow Bone – Mastering Hollowing-Out For True, Spirit-Led Journeys
    5. Spirit Animals – Finding and Retrieving Your Power Animal
    6. Soul Loss 18 Signs A Part of Your Soul Is Lost, And How to Get It Back
Colin has also installed a “reading time” counter on each blog post, to let you know how long each takes to read, and which shows your progress too, which is a lovely touch.

Free Excerpt From the Next Book

The fourth book in the “Therapeutic Shamanism” series is now going to be called “Soul Roots, Spirit Branches”. It is focused on exploring the shamanic Upper-World, and on animist and shamanic spiritual practices, including the links between shamanism, meditation and mindfulness, and animism as a nature-based spirituality.

For a number of reasons, work on the book has been slow. I know some of you are eagerly awaiting it though, and I do hope to publish it sometime in the summer.  In the meantime, I have put an excerpt on the website, outlining what the book will cover. You can read it here:

Our New Online Shamanic Glossary

If you look around the website, you will notice that certain words are highlighted, and that if you hover over them it brings up a definition. This is a new glossary feature that Colin has installed. At the moment, the glossary entries are fairly basic, but over the next few months (and years!) I will expand these, including adding useful links for people to explore further. I will add a lot more terms and definitions to the glossary too. Eventually, the plan is this will develop into a free, online, interactive, informative and accessible encyclopedia of all things shamanic. This is something I have long wanted to offer to the wider shamanic community, so I am very excited to see it begin to take shape. 

Easier Booking System

Colin has also installed a much more user-friendly booking system (more user-friendly both for students wishing to book on our courses, and for our admin person, Cat, too!)

Adding Dates to Your Calendar Made easy!

Another addition Colin has made is an “add to calendar” button to the website, which allows you to easily add course dates to the major calendars including Google, Yahoo, Outlook and I-Cal.

Connect on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

As well as the blog posts, Kaja has also been busy posting on our Facebook and Instagram accounts too. If you are on those social media platforms, or Twitter too, join us:

Facebook – page
Facebook – discussion group

And More To Come...

There is a lot more in the pipeline! Plans include releasing regular free short videos on YouTube and Vimeo, podcasts interviews, more book excerpts, articles, more free MP3 recordings of shamanic drumming and rattling, and more. The newsletter will keep you posted!

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you are well.


Paul Francis

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