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Some major news – our courses are changing!

The number of students doing our courses primarily through the recordings, rather than by attending live, has been steadily growing. In asking people about this, they report they value the live sessions very highly. However, things like time-zone differences (we have a growing number of international students), and the 4-hour length of the live sessions, is making attending in person difficult in many cases.

As a college, we are always trying to be adaptive and responsive to our students’ needs. With this in mind, we are making major changes to how the courses will be offered from now on, to make them more accessible and user-friendly to as many of you as possible.

The changes

The changes. Instead of the current 4-hour combined theory and experiential sessions:

1. Pre-recorded theory sessions. The theory sessions, given they are presentations, don’t need to be live. So, from now on these will be delivered separate from the live sessions, as pre-recorded videos. This means you can listen to them in your own time, and whilst painting your nails or doing the ironing if you wish.

2. Live experiential and community sessions. Delivering the theory separate from the live sessions means the live sessions will now be shorter – just 2 hours long. This will hopefully make them easier to attend than the previous 4-hour ones. In addition, teaching the theory separately gives us more time for the aspects of attending live that students tell us they most value – the chance to share their experiences, listen to the experiences of others, discuss things in a supportive community, and find a sense of like-minded “tribe”.

2. Bonus Q&A videos. In terms of asking questions about the theory, people can post and discuss these on the course’s discussion forums, and then I will address any issues fully by releasing extra teaching videos as needed.

4. The live sessions will still be available as recordings, as before. As usual, recordings are of anything done in the main room (for technical reasons, and to create a safe space for sharing, we do not record discussions in break-out rooms).

5. The total number of hours for the courses will remain the same (just delivered differently) and represent the same value for money as before.

6. In addition, to accommodate as many time-zones as possible, from now on, usually the live sessions will start at 2pm (UK time). There is no way of pleasing everyone with regard to this, but 2pm is a compromise that, together with the shorter length of the sessions, should hopefully work best for most people.

In summary. We have put a lot of thought into this and feel that it is a win-win for everyone (and the feedback we have had about it so far has been extremely positive). The total number of course hours remain the same, whilst the shorter live sessions will hopefully be more doable for people, and you will be able to do all the theory in your own time. The community aspects of the live sessions will improve. Another advantage is in terms of my getting the books out. Under the old system, I just have barely been able to find time to write. This has been frustrating for me, and I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting the next book(s) too! Gradually though, the new system will free up more time for me to write, which will be great.

Thanks for reading this, and please do let us know your thoughts – your feedback is always much appreciated.

With gratitude to you all,

Paul Francis

July 2023

Upcoming courses:


The essential introductory course for anyone wishing to explore this approach. 


  • The history of shamanism and animism, and how this indigenous knowledge was central to how all our ancestors once lived. How, in turning away from this, and disconnecting from the natural world, we lost our way (the “Great Forgetting”). Discover how we can bring this ancient wisdom back (the “Great Remembering”).
  • How to do a shamanic journey (a practical, safe and step-by-step method).
  • How to do a Power Animal retrieval journey and find your Power Animal.
  • Other practices to powerfully connect back to nature.
  • Therapeutic Shamanism – the differences and similarities between ancient shamanism and modern psychotherapy, and what they might learn from each other.
  • How to practice shamanism in an ethical way, and based on healthy power dynamics.
  • The basics of how to do simple shamanic healing for other people (including not just humans, but pets and other animals too).
  • How to use this knowledge and these practices to continue what can be a life-long journey of growth, healing, wonder and discovery.
  • And much, much more besides!

Flexible study. Recordings are made of all the theory presentations, journey instructions, and Q&A discussions, and are available for a further 12 months after the last online session. Plus, once you have done a First-Steps course, you can do any subsequent ones as revision, free of charge.


July – September 2023: THE TREE OF LIFE (sometimes called “The Totem Pole”)
Shamanism, the Chakras, and the Human Body A Further-Steps course. This course is usually very popular. It contains a wealth of information, and really helps anchor shamanic practice in a highly somatic, grounded and experiential way. More details here.

November – December 2023: FINDING YOUR WILD SOUL
Discover practices to connect to your authentic, fully alive, wild and free Lower-World Soul. Learn how to come back to “right-relationship” with your true self, with other humans, and with the Other-Than-Human too. More details here.

January – February 2024: PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE 

Go deeper still into the practice of Hollowing-Out. Find a truly Lower-World Human Guide, and maybe your Lower-World Human Tribe too. Discover the healing power of the Elemental Transformational Practices, of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

Learn more vital shamanic techniques and practices. This includes an in-depth exploration of shamanic Extractions, De-possessions, Disentanglings, Expansions and Just-Being practices.

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